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Colorcon is a leading specialist in controlled atmosphere packaging with in-depth knowledge of moisture, oxygen and odor management inside healthcare packaging
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Controlled atmosphere packaging with protection against moisture and oxygen

To maintain potency, stability, and shelf life, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products often require highly protective and active packaging. Colorcon provides healthcare industries with high-quality, controlled atmosphere packaging to protect products from moisture and oxygen.

Our services


This predictive simulation service helps customers determine optimal solutions for shelf life protection through simulation of storage conditions.


Compatilus® Program ensures compatibility of drop-in desiccant solutions with various automated inserters.

Innovation Workshops

Whether modifying a standard product or designing a tailored-made packaging, Coloron has a worldwide product development team to engineer a solution for you.

Our Values

Our Purpose

To improve health and wellness through convenience, compliance and safety.

Our Mission

Direct our customer focus to increase speed to market, lower total cost and make a positive contribution to quality.

Leverage our scale and infrastructure to be a true global partner, delivering consistency around the world.

Use our agility and creativity to innovate and meet our customers’ needs.


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