Predictive Modelling & Simulation Tool

Pharmaceutical stability and shelf life are dependent on optimal packaging. Choosing protective packaging can be expensive and time consuming. Through our proprietary STABLUS® Program, we work directly with customers to determine desiccant dosage, oxygen scavenger or barrier properties need for a specific application.

This predictive simulation service simulates packaging conditions and helps customers determine optimal solutions for shelf life protection, while keeping in mind that packaging cost optimization is key.

Why use STABLUS?

STABLUS evaluates the Relative Humidity level or the oxygen concentration inside the packaging during all the shelf life. STABLUS helps in the development of the optimal packaging configuration for a given set of conditions, taking into consideration the container (bottles, tubes, container closure system, aluminium bags, dispenser, and inhaler) and active agent (desiccant, oxygen scavenger, etc.). With STABLUS, valuable time-to-market and testing resources can be optimized by narrowing the packaging configurations that would be necessary for stability testing. STABLUS can determine technical or cost-saving technical improvements for existing drug packaging. If considering marketing a drug product in a different climatic zone, STABLUS can evaluate the potential need for a different packaging configuration (i.e. more or less desiccant, blister packaging, etc.).

Colorcon offers customers comprehensive services to assist with the development, configuration, validation and implementation for the optimal packaging solution to protect and dispense their drug. Discover also our COMPATILUS® Program, as well as our Innovation workshops.