High speed insertion machine compatibility

We offer a full line of desiccant canisters and desiccant packets designed for high speed automatic insertion in customers packaging lines. The COMPATILUS® Program ensures full compatibility with various automatic desiccant inserters for drop-in desiccants available from key equipment manufacturers.

Under the COMPATILUS program, we have jointly pre-validated standard desiccant packets and canisters with leading insertion equipment providers. Certificates of validation are available upon request, which facilitates seamless automation of desiccants on high speed automatic insertion equipment.

Our experienced engineers can provide on-site technical support, optimizing the automation of desiccant products at any customer location.

There is no need to single source desiccants that are only designed for specific inserters. Drop-in desiccants are versatile and compatible with market available desiccant dispensers, as well as in-house engineered equipment.

Colorcon can provide customers with services to assist customers to develop, configure, validate and implement the optimal diagnostic, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical packaging solution to protect and dispense their product.

Discover also our STABLUS® Program, as well as our Innovation workshops.