Moisture protection

Moisture is most often an enemy of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, as it can affect physical stability and/or chemical stability. Hydrolysis occurs when there is a reaction with a molecule that results in the cleavage of a chemical bond within the molecule. Many drug forms and functional groups, particularly esters and amides, have a high level of reactivity to moisture, which can impact the drug’s chemical stability, physical stability, and metabolism.

Nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals and other nutraceuticals are also prone to physical and chemical instability due to moisture.

It can also have a significant impact on diagnostic reagents, whether in pregnancy tests, rapid tests, or molecular diagnostics, altering their stability and their ability to provide accurate results.

By controlling the relative humidity (RH) inside the package or delivery system, water content and water activity (aW) can be stabilized and chemical hydrolysis reduced, preserving healthcare products within stability parameters throughout shelf life.

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