Molecular Sieve Desiccant Tablets

Molecular sieve desiccant tablets are made from molecular sieve 4A, known for its adsorption kinetics and effectiveness to absorb moisture at very low relative humidity (< 20% RH).

Its compact and uniform shape is well-appreciated and guarantees an ease of use for humidity protection in small spaces.

Typical applications include protection of devices or diagnostic tests like pregnancy test, as well as control of moisture vapor transmission rate in blister packaging as prescribed by USP <671> or moisture protection in fish-bone blisters:

  • Humidity protection for devices: Functionality of diagnostic tests and medical devices are often compromised when exposed to excessive moisture, leading to decreased shelf life and inaccurate test results. Tablets is the appropriate solution to eliminate the threat of moisture while remaining hidden from view.
  • <USP 671> unit-dose permeation testing: Tablets are placed in blister cavities in lieu of pharmaceutical tablets to measure humidity sorption over the time. This approach has become heavily relied upon by pharmaceutical manufacturers, packagers, and US FDA.

Three standard formats are available: 0.125 g, 0.250 g and 0.370 g.


  • Fast adsorption speed and high adsorption capacity at very low relative humidity (< 20% RH).
  • Automated insertion – hard and uniform shape with beveled edges allows for easy pick-and-place insertion.
  • Small pouch packaging for 0.125 g and 0.250 g tablets – zip-lock aluminum pouches with 350 pieces inside have been designed for small quantity consumption in labs to ensure proper protection and rapid consumption when pouch is opened.


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