Point of Care

Whether oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems or diagnostic and medical devices, many healthcare products are susceptible to degradation and stability issues.

Colorcon is a leading specialist in controlled atmosphere packaging with indepth knowledge of moisture, oxygen and odor management inside healthcare packaging. Contact us for more details on which solution is the most suitable for your specific needs.

Point of Care

Point of care (POC) products are devices used at the time of care – point-of-care testing (POCT) or so-called bedside testing, where test strips or devices rapidly test patient bodily fluids for target diseases, hormones, etc. It is vital that care is taken to preserve both testing agents and samples taken from the patient. POCT devices and electronic medical records have created a revolution in this area of care, but also come with a few risks. External influences can be detrimental, with moisture being a particular issue. We have created solutions ranging from traditional desiccant packets to custom-designed ADP® and desiccant vials, as well as molecular sieve desiccant tablets. We also offer the possibility of combining lightweight yet sturdy plastic tubes with reliable desiccant stoppers into a strong protective mechanism.

Challenges encountered in diagnostics

Point of care (POC) is a wide topic covering different aspects of medical and pharmaceutical practice. It can involve clinical documentation, administering tests, injecting medication, or emergency care. Blood samples, saliva, urine, etc. are taken from patients and testing agents are used to determine the presence or absence of illness or other variables that may be relevant in diagnosis. In most cases, this type of test needs to be carefully handled by qualified medical professionals.

Diagnostics are susceptible to degradation due to moisture. Testing agents have a particularly low tolerance of this, and exposure can affect their reactivity and ability to perform their tasks. Devices used in diagnostics too can be affected by a damp environment. In fact, with each stride forward, with each advance towards greater precision, technology tends to become more sensitive and require a greater deal of protection. Ultimately, the issues faced in point of care require tailor-made solutions.

Most advanced solutions for point-of-care testing

Point of care with the use of mobile devices in a hospital setting has given professionals the ability to share results in an instant. Still, the problems with packaging remain. Testing agents must be kept safe. Companies working in packaging, delivery, and logistics make a constant effort to keep up with the latest developments and ensure they are able to deliver robust technologies.

From desiccant stoppers to ADP® vials

Medical professionals working at the point of care adhere to important testing guidelines and make sure that the patient always receives the highest quality care. Our mission is to help them perform their vital task. Our range of effective solutions deliver characteristics that provide quality as well as longevity.

ADP® vials offer active and ergonomic packaging solutions. These diagnostic vials integrate the ADP® technology into the walls of the container. Their core role is to protect test strips from moisture and other external factors in settings in which diagnostic accuracy is at a premium. We currently produce two distinct options. A seamless combination of Container + Tamper-evident Stopper + ADP® inserts guarantees multiple layers of protection. Container with Built-in Closure + ADP® insert is compatible with major automated test strips filling lines.

Molecular Sieve Desiccant Tablets are renowned for their fast absorption speed (even at a very low relative humidity of <20% RH), ease of use, and small pouch packaging. Three standard formats are available: 0.125 g, 0.250 g and 0.370 g. These products rely on molecular sieve 4A for the best results.

Plastic tubes & desiccant stoppers are a two-part mechanism that is able to limit moisture ingress and provide prolonged protection. The system is tamper-evident and can be spiral or half-spiral, easy-opening, or flip-top. The packaging is fully compliant with all relevant US FDA and EU regulations.

Desiccant packets have been a staple of nursing, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical settings for decades. Redesigned and improved, they continue to offer maximum protection. Our trusted products include silica gel and the molecular sieve (both used for moisture adsorption), 2-in-1 Pak® (strong desiccant coupled with activated carbon for odor control), and the always reliable Carbon (odor control). All four products are available in a wide range of sizes and remain cost-efficient regardless of the level of customization.