IDC® (Integrated Desiccant Closure)

IDC® (Integrated Desiccant Closure) represents the next generation of bottle closure systems with the potential to unify global healthcare packaging standards.

IDC is designed for bottles which protect a huge variety of sensitive products that require safeguarding against humidity – these include various pharmaceutical medicines which risk being spoiled by exposure to moisture.

IDC® 33 (Integrated Desiccant Closure)

  • Compatible with a large range of SP 33/400 bottles.
  • New tamper evident system – easy to identify first opening.
  • Flexible range of sorbents such as silica gel, molecular sieve and EQIUS.
  • Simple, child-resistant push and turn opening system.
  • Airtightness on reclosure to extend shelf life.

The IDC also enables the unifying of standards across pharmaceutical bottles in key markets. In the US and European markets, for example, there are different sizes and approaches to standard bottles and the ways in which desiccants are integrated into them.

Colorcon is now offering a solution that covers both markets, reducing the need for complex bottle packaging in each region – additionally, by integrating the desiccant into the closure, manufacturers can benefit from using fewer components in their production processes.

Flexibility is also offered. Inside the integrated desiccant chamber, the fill can be made of different sorbents, including silica gel, molecular sieve or EQIUS.


  • Meets standards of key markets, including the US and Europe. Offers potential to unify standards and provide flexibility to pharmaceutical companies when choosing bottle suppliers.
  • Fewer components required vs. traditional bottle closure and desiccant systems – this provides both efficiency and sustainability benefits.
  • Customizable sorbent, adjustable desiccant quantity.


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