Whether oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems or diagnostic and medical devices, many healthcare products are susceptible to degradation and stability issues.

Colorcon is a leading specialist in controlled atmosphere packaging with indepth knowledge of moisture, oxygen and odor management inside healthcare packaging. Contact us for more details on which solution is the most suitable for your specific needs.


Capsules are a type of oral solid dosage form widely employed in the pharmaceutical industry. They are designed as either hard to soft shell to enclose active ingredients presented in either a powder or granule form, or active ingredients suspended in oil. Capsules may also be used suppositories. They are generally packaged into either blister packaging, bottles, tubes or vials.

The sensitive nature of pharmaceutical products

Today, capsules are produced using a range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic capsule filling machines. When it comes to packaging, the most common ways to preserve the integrity of the product are blister packaging or bottles.

Moisture management is a challenge as external factors such as a damp climate or simple penetration of humidity into the packaging can create a host of problems, ultimately compromising the quality and potency of the capsules and their ingrdients. Shelf-life can be reuced from years to literally days.

Protecting pharmaceutical products from degradation remains challenging. We specialize in providing optimal solutions and innovating to discover new ways to ensure medication is delivered to the end-user the way it ought to be – safe and uncompromised.

From desiccant canisters to EQIUS® capsules

Capsules continue to be widely used and Colorcon offers a range of durable yet cost-effective materials that provide the best possible stability results.

Desiccant capsules are small, rigid containers are filled with desiccant and offer excellent protection from moisture degradation. Presented in the widest range of shapes and sizes, they can accommodate just about any product of this kind. Standard sorbent fills that have been tried and tested by our team include silica gel, molecular sieve, or a mix. Produced as cylindrical, snapped, or flat capsules, they are versatile and can be easily customized and designed to offer maximum efficiency.

Desiccant canisters are a popular solution for the industry. Benefiting from high-speed machine insertion, they support drug stability and prolong shelf life. They are fully customizable via the use of laser marker technology.

Desiccant packets come in the form of small sachets. They can be inserted into just about any form of storage. Accurate insertion guarantees efficient production speed and excellent delivery times. These packets prolong shelf life while remaining cost-efficient throughout.

EQIUS® products are made using specially engineered sorbents that can act as humectants (desorbers) and desiccants (adsorbers) simultaneously, maintaining a particular equilibrium relative humidity inside product packaging. Too much or too little humidity can cause unacceptable damage, such as brittleness of capsules.