Odor control

Undesired odors can result from drugs and associated chemical compounds, gas degradants, and naturally from herbals and health supplements. This can impact the appeal of a drug product. Discover solutions for odor neutralization, to absorb unwanted smell with activated carbon, or mask odors by emitting pleasant smells like orange or vanilla: Dropped-in

Oxygen protection

Oxygen, like moisture, is a major degradation mechanism of pharmaceuticals particularly in liquid and solid formulations. Both small organic molecules and biopharmaceuticals like proteins and peptides are susceptible to oxidation. By adequately limiting the ability of oxygen to make ingress into product packaging and absorbing or scavenging any headspace oxygen thanks to oxygen absorbers, oxidative […]

Equilibrium stabilizers

Dry environment or humid environment? Sometimes you want the best of both worlds. There are drugs products that are susceptible to both excessive humidity and extreme dryness, so a standard desiccant won’t work. For instance, the drug formulation contained in gelatin capsules can be susceptible to humidity degradation, while the gelatin capsule can be susceptible […]

Moisture protection

Moisture is most often an enemy of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, as it can affect physical stability and/or chemical stability. Hydrolysis occurs when there is a reaction with a molecule that results in the cleavage of a chemical bond within the molecule. Many drug forms and functional groups, particularly esters and amides, have a high […]