Innovation Workshops

Product Development and Innovation Workshops With tailored, active packaging solutions we help our customers deliver high-quality, safe products to the consumer. We provide comprehensive services to assist customers develop, configure, validate and implement the optimal packaging solution to protect and dispense their drug. Whether optimizing a standard product or design of a customized packaging system, […]


High speed insertion machine compatibility We offer a full line of desiccant canisters and desiccant packets designed for high speed automatic insertion in customers packaging lines. The COMPATILUS® Program ensures full compatibility with various automatic desiccant inserters for drop-in desiccants available from key equipment manufacturers. Under the COMPATILUS program, we have jointly pre-validated standard desiccant […]


Predictive Modelling & Simulation Tool Pharmaceutical stability and shelf life are dependent on optimal packaging. Choosing protective packaging can be expensive and time consuming. Through our proprietary STABLUS® Program, we work directly with customers to determine desiccant dosage, oxygen scavenger or barrier properties need for a specific application. This predictive simulation service simulates packaging conditions […]