Bulk management

Whether oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems or diagnostic and medical devices, many healthcare products are susceptible to degradation and stability issues.

Colorcon is a leading specialist in controlled atmosphere packaging with indepth knowledge of moisture, oxygen and odor management inside healthcare packaging. Contact us for more details on which solution is the most suitable for your specific needs.

Bulk management

Regardless of whether we are dealing with small retail quantities or products stored in bulk, moisture often is the most substantial issue. Our line of pharmaceutical-grade bags focus on protecting bulk goods as they ship around the world, or even sit in warehousing as work in process. Complying with the highest safety requirements, we offer desiccant bags, EQIUS® bags, as well as PharmaKeep® (oxygen scavenger) bags – all excellent ways to protect larger quantities of medication from moisture and oxygen. Maintaining a keen focus on quality control, our products are known for their longevity and efficiency, setting a gold standard in the industry.

Challenges in bulk management

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are often produced in different facilities than where the final products (tablets, capsules, etc) are manufactured. Many of these APIs travel vast distances, before reaching the factories where they will be turned into the final dosage forms. Bulk management systems are sized to protect these large quantities of raw ingredients as they make their way around the world and sit as work in progress in warehouses.

On reaching their destination, the substances are made into tablets and capsules, powders, liquids, or presented in forms suitable for easy administeration. They are then filled into containers or boxes and made ready to stock or sell. Individual bottles likely have some moisture and oxygen protection for their respective products in the container. Bulk management bags can be added to the carton of finished goods, adding a secondary layer of protection to sensitive goods.

Protecting inventory protects the patient. Inadequate packaging can lead to mold, mildew, spoilage, and even the creation of dangerous by-products as the products break-down due to moisture and oxidation. Bulk management bags are designed to protect your stock through the entire manufacturing process.

All protection needs covered by our broad product lines

Bulk management requires a great deal of care and reliable materials ready to perform their role even under harsh conditions. After years of extensive research as well as hands-on experience in the business, Colorcon has created a palette of products that are able to meet different needs and satisfy companies that deal with the most diverse array of pharmaceutical products.

Desiccant bags are suited for a range of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, APIs, excipients, and reagents. They serve to protect from both chemical and physical degradation due to moisture. These bags contain silica gel (silicone dioxide), molecular sieve (synthetic zeolite), and clay – and are an excellent choice for finished products as well as raw ingredients. Able to comply with US Pharmacopeia USP <670> standards for pharmaceutical desiccants, they are carefully produced in facilities certified under ISO 15378:2017 GMP requirements.

EQIUS® bags or Equilibrium RH Stabilizers can protect against humidity variation, a larger quantity of:

  • dry powder inhalers to maintain the particle sizing and flowability,
  • gummies to avoid the sticky effect and maintain their plasticity
  • gelatin capsules to steer clear the risk of brittleness


They perform as a humectant (desorber) and desiccant (adsorber) and are ideal for sensitive drug forms. Such stabilizers are most often made-to-order and can be customized to fit any client’s requirements.

PharmaKeep® bags are renowned for the fact that they don’t need moisture to react. Instead, they rely on complex polymer-based oxygen absorbers and are fully humidity-neutral. Often referred to as oxygen scavengers, they help with degradation avoidance and prolong shelf-life by protecting against oxidative degradation and oxidative reactions. PharmaKeep bags can be used both in the case of bulk and individual packaging.

All the above-mentioned products can be introduced into boxes, bottles, and other forms of packaging, in order to protect tablets, blister packs, and other drug containers, liquid materials, as well as medical devices from degradation.