PharmaKeep® bags

PharmaKeep® is an innovative and unique line of polymer-based oxygen absorbers that are humidity neutral. Unlike traditional iron-based oxygen scavengers, PharmaKeep requires no moisture to react.

Available as canisters, packets and bags, PharmaKeep oxygen absorbers protect pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and diagnostic products from oxygen degradation and oxidative reactions, thus extending the shelf life. Because they do not require humidity to function, PharmaKeep can be used in conjunction with desiccants.

Oxygen scavengers are often used in conjunction with high barrier containers, such as OXYNOV® Barrier Bottles. For more information visit our OXYNOV Barrier Bottles page.

PharmaKeep® is a Trademark registered by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Inc. Mitsubishi Building.


  • Humidity neutral: PharmaKeep Is humidity neutral, absorbing oxygen at either low or high relative humidity levels, and can be used in conjunction with a desiccant. Compared to iron-based oxygen scavengers, PharmaKeep will not release moisture to the drug product
  • High speed insertion: Due to their rigidity, PharmaKeep® capsules can be inserted at high rates of speed using standard desiccant canister insertion equipment. Packets can also be automated
  • Full protection: PharmaKeep can be paired with OXYNOV oxygen barrier bottles for an ideal package solution
  • Degradation avoidance: With PharmaKeep, the chemical and physical degradation of drug products can be mitigated, sometimes visible in extreme color change


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