Need to add an aromatic sensory experience to nutraceutical packaging? Our technology infuses food-grade flavors, such as citrus or vanilla, directly into the plastic structure of a canister. AROMACAN® canisters are dropped into nutritional and dietary supplement bottles providing a specific aroma when a consumer opens the container. They are similar in shape to desiccant canisters and embossed with “DO NOT EAT” markings.


  • 3 standard flavors: Lemon, Orange, Vanilla (additional flavors available upon request).
  • Mask unwanted odors: Aroma profile of canister can mask a product’s off-putting smells, such as those that can emanate from fish oil, Valerian root, and other strong substances.
  • Enhance aromas: AROMACAN can augment a product’s natural aroma association, such as orange for vitamin C.
  • High-speed insertion: AROMACAN can be inserted at high rates of speed using standard desiccant canister insertion equipment available on the market.

Only available for the US market. This product is manufactured with Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) materials and complies with US FDA requirements for contact with food.


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